Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update May 2010

Started 2009 with one of our prepps is getting our teeth fixed, a few monthly appointments, time to get'em all fixed up, no problem, I've still got most of my teeth at 49 years.

February 2009 a friend is helping me put wider wheels and tires on my 78 Bronco. I'd jacked up the back using a Handyman/Highlift/Farm jack. (another story/history). Stupid move, the handle hits me in the head. I actually saw stars. Closest I've ever been to being KO'd. There's blood. I grab some snow in a bandana, tuck it under my hat and finish mounting the tires. We get to town, I tell Cher I might need some stitches. Off we go. I got 1 running stitch and 11 to close the scalp. Doc says, go get a MRI. Doc says he's sure I cracked my skull. MRI comes back. Everything's OK. Now my sweety has verified proof. I AM HARD HEADED!

Then the last week of March 2009 I was at the farm and passed out, woke up with my chickens and turkeys standing around me wondering why I was laying in their front yard.
Off to the Doctor, who sent me right to the hospital with internal bleeding they never found the reason for. And man-o-man did they look. They investigated both ends for a week. I've never been so invaded in my life.

Two weeks later I'm back in the hospital with a blood clot in my leg. So now I get to take blood thinners for six months. Watch for shortness of breath, if so, get to the hospital ASAP!

The dentist won't work on you when you're taking blood thinners.

Another trip to the hospital for....... yep, can't breath right. X-rays! Here use an inhaler/puffer.

Saturday May 2nd, I leave my cane in the truck 'cause I park close to the door and there are handrails starting about 15 feet away. I hate totin' a cane around. At the end of the meeting while I was talking to a neighbor, (Mike), I get up out of a chair and my right knee pops. That's my good knee! Almost brings me to tears, I had to hang on to the wall. Good thing I like to sit close to walls. Mike said "that sounded painful". I said "yea it happens every once in a while." He went and got my cane for me. This usually takes a week or two to get better. lol. yea, right!
Three weeks later the knee is still hurtin', so back to the Doctor. I get a MRI of my knee. Doc tells me he doesn't understand how I'm even walking. I tell him "Well Doc, I wake up, figure which part hurts the most, and that's the part I baby that day." He tells me I need the whole knee replaced. After I'm off blood thinner meds for 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, here use crutches to take the strain off.
So I wait. I do the research. Find a cutting edge Doctor 5 hours away. Set up the appointment. Finally months later, I make the trip, he takes X-rays and tells me I only need surgery that I can get close to home.

I'm tired. More Later........